We are looking for financial and in-kind sponsorship to make this event unforgettable for everyone. Sponsorship can take the form of monetary support, catering, drinks, and stationaries. Please contact corp@globalsolutionfestival.org if you are interested in sponsoring us.


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We want to find the most passionate and driven young leaders around the world, and assist them in achieving the change they deem necessary. By exposing these young leaders to mentors in diverse industries, we hope to provide insights, offer opportunities and stimulate innovation.


In order to help students stay on track and gain insights into the real-world, we invite industry professionals to the make-a-thon to work with them side by side. Each year, around 30 mentors helped students in various aspects of their projects ranging from financial to technical support.  If you are an industry professional or an academic with more than five years experience in any of the above industries, please get in touch. We sincerely welcome you !


We are honored to welcome an esteemed panel of  mentors and judges from our partners, who bring their wisdom and experience to engage with the young future leaders of GSF. Please email us if you are interested in partnership with GSF!




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