Anna is in her final year of undergrad, majoring in psychology at the University of Cologne, Germany. She got involved in GSF in 2019 while studying at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for a year. Her responsibilities involved mainly logistics and coordinating volunteers. She receives a government scholarship in Germany, and as part of her scholarship network Anna participates in a program for educational fairness and equality. She strongly believes that people need to come together to solve problems so that everyone can benefit from a diversity in thought and opinions.


Daniel is a New Zealand born, China-raised (18yrs) undergrad pursuing his degree in Economics and Politics. He graduated with his first degree in International Business, focusing on cross-cultural partnerships. He was the head communication coordinator for mentors and judges in Global Solutions Festival 2019, on top of this role, he will assist with programme and theme-case design for Poverty Alleviation during GSF 2020. He strongly believes in youth empowerment for a sustainable future. He is excited to see more creative, impact-driven solutions being ideated at this year's GSF. Daniel is a native speaker of Chinese and English.


Grace is a member of Global Solutions Festival. She studies in the School of Management and Economy, Chinese University of HongKong(Shenzhen).Through her student’s career, she has participated in some competitions like Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest and Tsinghua Engineering Challenge, which give her some experiences related to innovation and organization. She believes that education is not only for spreading knowledge and inheriting culture but also fostering innovative science and technology to cultivate creative and practical talents. The five themes picked out from SDG are some global hotspot issues to solve, and Grace wishes to see creative and effective ideas and solutions in GSF.


Joel Naoki Ernesto Christoph is a dual degree M.A.-M.L. student in Global Politics and Economics at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and Tsinghua University. He is a Global Competence Fellow at Tsinghua, a Digital Civilization Fellow at the Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Institute and a Young Ambassador at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy. Joel studied in California, Germany and the UK and completed his BSc in Economics at University College London. Previously, he worked in research in global energy markets, in international infrastructure and mobility projects and global migration data analysis.


Karen started her GSF journey since 2018 and brought the initiative to Hong Kong, kickstarted with a fintech event. She did her bachelor at Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Statistics, double minor in Computer Science and Finance, incoming graduate at Cornell University majoring in Biostatistics. She worked at Bank of American Merrill Lynch and Microsoft, Technology Solutions Professional in Data & AI. She is now a Blockchain and Data Science entrepreneur, an amateur violinist.


Lucy (JieQiong) Tong is a Fellow at the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council, a Researcher and Project Manager at the Tsinghua University Center for Global Competence Development. She received her masters from Tsinghua University in International Construction and Project Management, and became the lead organizer of Global Solutions Festival 2018. She is very passionate about design, education, sustainable development, and developing the new generation of talent for the 21st century. She is also a Global Shaper since September 2019.


Max founded Global Solutions Festival in 2017 while at Schwarzman College, and has been involved every year since. Through his career, Max has worked in Silicon Valley, New York, Paris and Hong Kong, in roles of technology entrepreneurship and investments. His global experiences have inspired him to create opportunities for young people to meet and collaborate towards solving important issues. Max studied biology at a young, worked in healthcare investments, education entrepreneurship, and wrote his masters thesis on climate change investments. He believes that the five themes of GSF are a nexus for forming the next chapter of positive human development. Max graduated from Brown University, and Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University for his MPA.


Mona is an undergraduate student from the U.S. studying industrial engineering at Tsinghua University and is active in the international student sphere. She is the founder of Tsinghua Shuō Language and Culture Communication Association, the president of Global Practice Association in Tsinghua University and a lead organizer of Global Solutions Festival 2019. Mona is passionate about helping her peers gain a global perspective and reach cross-cultural understanding.


Matthew is a freshman from Malaysia currently studying International Relations at Tsinghua University meanwhile he is also a member of the Global Competence Fellowship in the university. With deep interest and beliefs of achieving the SDGs, Matthew has positioned himself in different causes to contribute and inspire people around him.


Madi is a Yenching Scholar passionate about energy and entrepreneurship. He has an Electrical Engineering background and for the past years has been working in the energy industry in the Middle East. He served as a project manager at two accelerator programs bridging a gap between startups and government entities. During his career Madi was a mentor at hackathons and competitions organized by Techstars, AngelHack and Startup Grind. He is excited to be part of this year’s GSF edition and looks forward to meeting all the amazing participants!


Shixian joins GSF in 2020 and is a master student in Tsinghua SEM. She is very interested in entrepreneurship, technology and internet product design therefore she founding the product manager community in Tsinghua. She has worked in tech companies such as Apple, LinkedIn and Bytedance and in a blockchain startup where she led engineers and designers to develop various product features. She is also the vice president of the Business Entrepreneurship Association of Tsinghua. Standing at the intersection of humanity and technology, Shixian believes that GSF is a good opportunity for young people to learn about innovation and take on social responsibility.


Michelle is a Yenching Scholar in Economics and Management. She graduated with a degree in Social Policy with Government from the London School of Economics, with a focus on research in healthcare and social care systems. She has worked in government and politics and is particularly passionate about inequalities and the role of technology in solving global issues. She believes that forging youth friendships is the first step to furthering progress in creating a sustainable future.


Tiffany, International Relations major (though always found herself a layman on that subject when chatting with taxi drivers) at FDU, incoming Yenching Scholar at PKU, co-organizer of several events on global governance, amateur BP debater, theatrical plays/photography/music/Shiba Inu lover, passionate about what changes WE can foster together.


Zachary graduated in Biosciences with a second degree of Economics at Peking University and now is a Yenching Scholar. Throughout his career, Zachary has worked in the field of neuroscience, health economics, rural education, and corporate social responsibility. He believes via participating in different themes of GSF, young professionals could meet, collaborate, and inspire each other for positive human development.


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