We got the understanding that this year will be the 1st year that high school students will also join the GSF... How many high school teams all together will join? Will the high school teams compete against each other or they also need to compete against university teams?

We are looking at 10 to 15 teams from high school, each high school will recommend one to two teams to join this year’s make-a-thon, number of teams is dependent on the financing available and the convenience of travelling.


What are the rules for team formation? For the high school team, will the participants from the same high school form ONE team? Or they will also do the team Feb. 28th Friday evening?

High school teams can be formulated based on the preference of the high schools, the only requirement from the organizers is the team must consist of three to five students from the same high school. The teams should be formed prior to the application deadline, and they will submit the one application once the team is confirmed.


Can the teams choose one of the 5 GSF tracks (Case studies)? Or, will teams be allocated with one of the tracks? What about for high school teams?

During the application process, the team will select the top three preferences out of the five tracks, the organizers will try to accommodate everyone’s first choice, however, it will not be guaranteed. Allocation will be selected on a first-come-first-serve bases, so the teams are encouraged to apply as early as possible.  


When can participants start to work on solutions based on the case studies that will be sent one week prior to the event? Or the solutions shall only be developed during the make-a-thon?

All participants are encouraged to prepare for the case study as soon as it is made possible.


What will be the pitch process? 

The pitch will be divided between the prelim and the final, the best team from each track will move on to the final where the best high school team will be picked out. The format of the prelim and final pitch will be a five-minute presentation followed by a three-minute Q&A.


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