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Every year, Global Solution Festival is held at Schwarzman College. We dedicate ourselves to build on the College's mission of educating young future global leaders, developing an international mindset, and identifying ways to address some of the most pressing challenges that face our world today.


Global Solution Festival is constantly looking for ways to get both corporate and academic worlds to work toegther.  Currently, we are looking for connections in the following industries and sectors:


- IoT (Software Programming, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain)



- Environment

- Health care

- Education


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We are looking for financial and in-kind sponsorship to make this event unforgettable for everyone. Sponsorship can take the form of monetary support, catering, drinks, and stationaries. Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring us.



                    Conference Speaker

The conference will be held on May 18th, 2018 at Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, Beijing.

We want students to learn and get inspired from those who know better, therefore, if you are an expert in any of the above industries, and would like to share your expertise, please reach out to us. We welcome you !



Mentoring sessions will be held during the last two days of the make-a-thon (May 19-20th) 

In order to help students stay on track and gain insights into the real-world, we invite industry professionals to the make-a-thon to work with them side by side. Last year, 23 mentors helped students in various aspects of their projects ranging from financial to technical support. This year, we are looking to expand our mentor pack to around 40-50 people. If you are an industry professional or an academic with more than five years experience in any of the above industries, please get in touch. We sincerely welcome you ! 

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                    Judging Panel

Final Evaluation will take place on May 20th at 6:00 PM

Teams will be evaluated at the end of the festival based on their progress and ideas. We will invite experts from relative industries to assess and give feedback during the final round of presentations. Three or more judges are needed for each industry.

Other ideas to Cooperate?

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